Avoid These Common Tree Trimming Mistakes for a Lush Lawn Care Experience

Common Tree Trimming Mistakes to Avoid for Better Lawn Care

Trimming the branches is critical for tree health. Homeowners who attempt tree trimming on their own risk doing more harm than good if they make any of the three most common tree trimming mistakes. By avoiding these common tree pruning mistakes, homeowners can protect the tree health of their landscape. Leaving pruning to a skilled arborist is the best way to ensure that the job is done correctly and for better lawn care maintenance.

Topping the tree

Topping is possibly the most dangerous tree trimming practice, and it is still practiced by inexperienced tree trimmers and even some tree service companies. Topping entails removing the tree’s top or cutting back on the main branches, which is often done because the owner believes the tree is too large. Topping can cause stressed trees, decay, insect and disease infestation, and safety concerns as limbs fall. If your tree service company suggests topping, raise red flags. There are alternatives to topping overgrown trees, and topping causes more harm than good.

Using the wrong tool for tree care

When it comes to tree pruning, some homeowners may be tempted to use whatever shears or scissors they have lying around the house. Using the wrong type of shears for tree trimming can be hazardous to the tree’s health. It is critical for homeowners and arborists to always use shears designed specifically for tree trimming. Aside from having the right type of shears, the age and sharpness of the shears are very important. The cleaner the cut and the less stress on the tree, the sharper the shears. Dull shears may require multiple attempts to cut through the branches, resulting in an unnecessarily large wound on the tree.

Pruning the wrong branches

Most homeowners are unaware of how to properly trim branches, so they prune them incorrectly. Avoid bad pruning at all costs because it not only damages the trees’ appearance but can also weaken them! As a result, always begin by removing the dead branches. After that, cut the branches that connect to the trunk at weak v-shaped angles, avoiding the thicker branches.

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